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Hospital Hours
Monday- Friday 7:30am -6:00pm
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A 15139Diagnostics are a fundamental part of keeping your pet healthy. Diagnostics aid in early disease detection, disease screening, as well as monitoring current treatments. We offer in house and out of house diagnostics. Any diagnostics sent out of house will have a shipping and handling charge added to the overall fee.

In House

  • Radiographs/ X-rays
  • Bloodwork
    • Pre-Anesthetic Panel
      • a general chemistry panel that will let us know if the body is able to metabolize the anesthesia through liver and kidney enzymes as well as electrolytes and a CBC.
    • General Health Profile
      • Checks liver and kidney function, glucose, proteins, and electrolytes.
    • Hematocrit
      • Checks for anemia and dehydration
    • Electrolytes
      • used to test on Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride which can let us know if your pet is dehydrated.
    • Complete Blood Cell
      • used to check for anemia, dehydration, and infections.
  • Snap Test
    • Heartworm Antigen and Rickettsial (Tick Born) Disease Test
    • Parvo Test
    • FIV/FeLV Test
    • Pancreatic Lipase Test
  • Urinalysis
    • Used to check for urinary tract infection. It includes a microscopic if there is sediment in urine.
  • Ear and Skin Cytology
    • Used to check for fungal and bacterial infections to help us better treat your pet.

Reference Laboratory Testing

  • Specialty Bloodwork
  • Biopsy/ Histopathology
  • Urinalysis
  • Culture and Sensitivity

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