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Pet of the Month

13843524-635255983306108-1598649220-oDecember 2016
Lucy Adams is our pet of the Month for December! Lucy has had a few up and down moments through her eight years, but thankfully, there are always more good times than bad times. She comes in regularly for her haircut and enjoys being pampered by the staff for grooming. We look forward to seeing Lucy for her next annual and grooming appointment!

13843524-635255983306108-1598649220-oAugust 2016
Lanie Haynes is our Pet of the Month! She has been coming to our clinic for years and unfortunately has been battling allergies for a while. Her mom is great in keeping up with her medication and her baths to keep her shiny and itch free! We love seeing Lanie come in even if she may not always enjoy her ​visits with us.

image2_origJuly 2016
​This month's pet of the month is Max Halvorsen. He is a large Basset hound that is definitely the baby of the family. Despite his occasional hotspots, Max makes sure his skin stays fresh with his frequent baths, and he is always happy to eat the extra treats at the clinic. He may be getting up in years, but his parents do a great job in keeping up with bloodwork and routine exams to make sure he stays healthy longer!

7199561May 2016
Animal Medical Corpus Christi is currently helping with boarding for a few shelter dogs for the Australian Shepherd Rescue. One of them was heartworm positive and treated by our facility, his name is Sid. He is a sweet puppy who loves to prance when you take him out on a leash. Sid is available for adoption from the Australian Shepherd Rescue, and he is definitely ready for a forever home!

Click here for more information on adoption!

7989866_origApril 15th, 2016
Dixie Pearl has won out in the pet of the month for senior month. Dixie recently underwent surgery for a flipped stomach when she gorged herself on a bucket of food. Luckily for Dixie, her owner Julie, had recently done Dixie's bloodwork to check her Liver and Kidney functions, and there were no worries about putting her under anesthesia for the surgery. Even with a difficult surgery, Dixie still has her appetite and will be a trouble child for her mom in no time when it comes to getting into the food she is not suppose to!

7269256March 2016
Paco Shircliffe is a new addition to the Shircliffe family, and he has become a well loved pet to them. He is a little ball of energy ready to go at a moments notice. Paco stayed with Animal Medical Corpus Christi for a short period of time, and he has won his Pet of the Month spot by being a little Persian fireball that the staff can't help but remember.

5410199_origFebruary 2016
Render Cook is only 5 months old and already causing problems for mom and dad. Luckily they adore him. And who wouldn't with his happy Lab attitude? Render is finally getting the Cone of Shame off a week post surgery. Although I think the Cone gives him character even if you do want to quickly shield your legs when he goes running past you!

5466003January 2016
Roxie Daniel is our pet of the month for January 2016! She has been coming to CCAM for years and is always a happy face to see. She has had multiple litters, and we have had the privilege of seeing her puppies grow as well as help take care of her in preventative care to keep her healthy and happy.

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